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Safe-T-Vue® Temperature Indicators

Nonreversible Temperature Indicators for Blood Products, Plasma and RBCs

Temperature-sensitive indicators that easily adhere directly to blood bags during refrigeration and temporary storage. It is ideally suited for use by blood banks, blood collection centers and transfusion services to maintain quality control in transport and storage of blood products.

  • Safe-T-Vue 6 product imageTemperature Indication: 6°C

    RBCs, Whole Blood, and Plasma

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  • Safe-T-Vue 10 product imageTemperature Indication: 10°C

    RBCs, Whole Blood, and Plasma

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Val-A-Sure™ Cooler Validation

Temperature/Cooler/Transport Container Validation Kit

All of the necessary components, documentation and recommended procedures for validation of coolers and other lab equipment.

Val-A-Sure Cooler Validation Kit
Val-A-Sure slogan: "Accurate, Consistent, Simple"

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  • Time-saving and trouble-free
  • Accurate temperature records and ready-to-use protocol
  • Multi-use temperature recording and validation kit

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