Transport and Storage Cooler Validation Kit: Report on our Beta Trial Sites

January 2012

Share what you know – and learn from your peers

We are several weeks into our Cooler Validation Kit trials, and one thing is for certain. We’re learning a lot!  And we want to learn more – and share it with you.

Significant variability in many aspects of validation

Again, we want to thank our trial sites for testing our kit and for graciously participating in pre-trial and post-trial phone interviews. Before the trial began we gathered some basic information, including current cooler validation procedures, size of their facility, and the types and number of coolers in use. We also heard about “successes and challenges” – what do they have “down pat” and where could they use a better mousetrap?  Even though our sample size is relatively small, we heard significant variability in everything from the number and orientation of bags used in validation, to placement of the temperature probes, to packing techniques and revalidation practices.  All this information combined with their feedback on our trial validation kit is helping us to improve the kit that we will ultimately offer.

In the absence of national or international blood bank organization standards for cooler validation, our goal is to develop and share helpful information for our colleagues in the blood banking world.

Please participate in our short online survey about cooler validation

We’d like to ask you (and your blood bank colleagues at other institutions) to participate (anonymously) in a quick online survey.  Then, we will consolidate and share the results with you. We plan to use this information to further shape our Validation Kit development and will make the information public for your consideration and possible use, as we do in our Support section of the William Labs website. Upon completion of the survey you will be asked for your email address so that we can send you an advance copy of the results.

Thank you for your participation in the survey, and please feel free to forward this to your colleagues.

For now, I’d like to share with you our Transport and Storage Cooler Tips (PDF), with some helpful ideas and reference information regarding cooler validation procedures and documentation. You can also view this information as a web page.


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