Make a New Year’s Resolution: Keep track of blood losses in your blood bank

Preserve precious resources, save money and optimize patient outcomes.. In this VUEPOINT learn more about the value of logging blood losses, and how it may help you preserve this valuable resource and save money over the long term. Continue reading

Keeping Blood Products Cold During Dispensing

Tests show that gel blankets significantly help maintain temps below 6oC On a recent visit to a blood bank customer who uses Safe-T-Vue 6, we learned something that we felt was worth sharing. During the approximate 10 minutes that it … Continue reading

The Results are in: Platelet Indicator Survey

Thank you to the 115 of you who participated in our October survey about platelet management and provided your feedback on a platelet temperature indicator. We’re excited to share what we learned….. and even more excited to tell you what we plan to do about it! Continue reading

Tips for Better Blood Handling

Lessons you’ve taught us – and why they work!

Keeping blood cold can be a challenge. In this VUEPOINT we present a 4 EASY TIPS that can be readily incorporated into the day-to-day handling, receiving and dispensing of blood in your blood bank – and make a significant difference. Learn more in this VUEPOINT>> Continue reading

Using a medical device that doesn’t have 510(k) clearance is like operating a vehicle without a license

During recent customer visits, we became aware that many blood banks don’t clearly understand the significance of the FDA 510(k) clearance for medical devices – including users of Safe-T-Vue temperature indicators. In this VUEPOINT, we explain what the 510(k) is, why it matters, and how you can know if a product that you are using has been cleared by FDA 510(k). Continue reading