How can you have confidence in blood temperature compliance during transport?

Time: 0:63
This one-minute video illustrates how easily blood products can be out of temperature compliance during transport. Perhaps the blood was not packed properly, or the units were exposed to higher temperatures before being returned to safe temperatures. How do you know that it has been maintained at 10°C per AABB standards? Continue reading

Blood Temperature Compliance at 6°C … is it safe to re-inventory?

Time: 1:30
When blood leaves your blood bank in a packed cooler, and is returned later, how do you know if the blood was kept at a safe temperature when out of your control? In this easy to understand, animated video, learn how you can be assured that the blood temperature was in control by using Safe-T-Vue 6. Continue reading

Val-A-Sure Cooler Validation Kit Overview & Introduction

Time 3:11
The Val-A-Sure™ Cooler Validation Kit combines everything you need for temperature validation of blood transport coolers, in one convenient kit. All of the necessary components, instructions and documentation for validation are conveniently included, and have been tested to work together efficiently and accurately. Continue reading