Val-A-Sure™ Cooler Validation Kit

Cooler Validation SIMPLIFIED

Val-A-Sure Cooler Validation Kit
Hands-on trials and feedback from blood banks and laboratories provided the guidance for the Val-A-Sure™ kit development. It delivers the simplicity, accuracy, standardization and speed of process that blood banks and labs told us that they need – in one integrated kit.


Recommended SOPs, temperature recorders and software provide options for an accurate validation process, regardless of your blood bank size.


Using electronic recording equipment and following the SOPs, and using the supporting documentation, helps ensure consistent measurement and recording for each validation.


Val-A-Sure combines everything you need in one simple kit. All of the necessary components, instructions and documentation for validation are  conveniently included in the kit, and have been tested to work together efficiently and accurately.

Depending on your needs, order either the standard Val-A-Sure™ Advantage Kit or the Custom Kit. See Ordering Information >>

Val-A-Sure Cooler Validation Kit QuickStart GuideThe DVD and documentation supplied with the kit contain:

  • QuickStart Guide
  • Easy-to-follow 3 minute video instructions of 3 different recommended validation procedures
  • Validation SOPs (4 included)
  • Validation Log Sheet
  • Cooler Label format/template
  • Validation Tips

Temperature assurance is crucial for the safe transport of blood and blood products. Validation of transport containers can be a frustrating and often confusing task for facilities of all sizes. In response to this need, William Labs has developed the Val-A-Sure Temperature Validation Kit.

All of the necessary components and documentation for validation are conveniently included in the Kit, and have been tested to work together efficiently and accurately.

  • Recommended Validation Procedures based on field trials in blood banks and laboratories – video and print
  • TRIX-8 Temperature Recorders with internal temperature sensors and TREX-8 Temperature Recorders with the Bag-Sealer Probe™
  • Recorder Software and a USB-PC computer cradle to quickly configure the recorder, and easily download validation temperature data
  • Calibrated Bag-Sealer Probe™ for higher accuracy internal bag temperature recording, designed to prevent leakage from bags
  • Validation Protocols, as editable MSWord documents that can be customized to any organization’s protocol standards

Time-saving and trouble-free

Click to view temperature recorder data graphs.

With the automated LogTag® temperature recorder, you can setup your validation procedure, pack the cooler(s), press “START” on the recorder and walk away. For whatever time period you choose – 4 hours, 6 hours, 10 or 12 hours – the recorder will continue to record temperature data at the time intervals set by you.

Easy to learn validation procedures and training videos

Validation procedures are made easy for the laboratory/blood bank staff with easy to understand video instructions. We’ve captured multiple cooler validation procedures and provide them on the kit’s DVD, and can also be viewed on the William Labs website.

Accurate temperature records and ready-to-use protocols

Understanding your needs for accurate data to support your validation, the LogTag Analyzer software generates graphs, individual time and temperature readings, and gives you the ability to print out the validation data to support your records.
Using the editable Validation Protocols provided on the DVD and our website, you can generate customized documents that meet your needs. The protocol plus the temperature data printout gives you the validation documentation that you need.

Multi-use temperature recording and validation kit

The Val-A-Sure Kit can also be used to accurately and simply validate coolers and containers that transport all kinds of temperature-sensitive biologicals – vaccines, tissue, human organs, serums, specimens, pharmaceuticals and laboratory samples. With multiple temperature recorders and internal sensors, or using the optional Bag-Sealer Probe™, temperature readings can be taken at various locations throughout any transport container.

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