Val-A-Sure Ordering Information

Depending on your needs, order either the standard Val-A-Sure Advantage Kit, or the Val-A-Sure Custom Kit.

Val-A-SureTM Kit Basics

  • Quickstart Guide
  • Validation SOPs and Supporting Documents
  • Instructional Videos
  • Docking station & software for temperature records
  • Protective storage case for kit component (holds up to 6 recorders & probes)

As your needs change, you can add additional temperature recorders, Bag-Sealer probes and calibrations to customize your existing Val-A-Sure Advantage or Custom Kit.

Kit Details: Val-A-Sure Advantage Kit  Item # 900-1

Most blood banks and laboratories will find that our Val-A-Sure Advantage Kit meets their needs.  It is designed to offer a straightforward solution for most organizations while allowing flexibility for special situations.

Kit Details: Val-A-Sure Custom Kit  Item #900-2

The Val-A-Sure Custom Kit allows you to build a customized kit from scratch or add equipment to the Val-A-Sure Advantage Kit as your needs change.

If your blood bank has specific needs based upon its size, a large cooler inventory or its special services and/or responsibilities, the Custom Kit can be configured to those needs.  Other uses may include providing blood for:

  • Open heart or transplant surgeries
  • Mass casualty situations
  • Satellite locations receiving coolers that may be exposed to outdoor temperature extremes

Every Custom Kit consists of at least one set of Kit Basics.  Then, choose the temperature recorders that meet your needs: TRIX-8 (Item #940) with a built-in temperature sensor, and/or TREX-8 (Item #941) with a calibrated Bag-Sealer Probe. The number and type of temperature recorders that you choose depends on the size and numbers of coolers that you need to validate.

If you need assistance in selecting recorders and quantities, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

For temperature recorder recalibration information, click here.

Which kit should I order?

Determine the cooler validation equipment your laboratory needs based upon your responsibilities, size, policies & practices.

Val-A-Sure Kit offerings are organized to allow customization for your institution’s specific needs and methods. We have found that three key considerations are fundamental to selecting equipment:

• Do you pack three of more units into your coolers?
If so, you probably need more than one temperature recorder.

• Do you have a large inventory of coolers that need annual validation?
If so, you may prefer to be equipped to validate several coolers at once.

• Do you want to measure the internal temperature of a blood bag(s) directly instead of or in addition to measuring the temperature of specific spots within the cooler?
If so, you will need one or more temperature recorders equipped with matched Bag-Sealer™ probe(s).

A minimal kit consisting of one temperature recorder and a Val-A-Sure Base Kit may be sufficient for a small hospital that packs a maximum of 1 or 2 blood bags per cooler and maintains a small inventory of coolers.

Blood banks that maintain larger cooler inventories and/or pack more than 3 blood bags in their coolers may find it desirable to validate coolers by gathering temperature data from multiple locations inside their coolers and/or from blood bags directly.

In addition to these basic considerations, your institution may have special needs based upon special responsibilities, such as servicing satellite locations, which receive blood products in coolers that may be exposed to outdoor temperature extremes, or providing blood in mass casualty situations.

If you would like help in configuring a kit that would meet your needs, please contact us!