Val-A-Sure Recorder Recalibration

Regulations require annual calibration of temperature-measuring devices using instrumentation and standards that are traceable to the United States Department of Commerce – National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Re-calibrated temperature recorders (and probes) will be returned with a certificate of calibration good for one year from date of calibration.

  1. Important: Be certain to send your Purchase Order to Temptime prior to shipping the recorders.
    Email: – Fax: 973-630-6102 – Call: 973-630-6050
    Include a copy of the Purchase Order inside the package so it can be matched to the work order when received.
  2. Price per calibration is $55.50 plus shipping and handling. [Price is good for CY 2017]
  3. Carefully pack your LogTag temperature recorders (and probes) to ensure they will not be damaged during shipment to our calibration lab.
  4. If your LogTag temperature recorders were supplied with probes, be sure to include the probes that were previously match-calibrated to a specific temperature recorder.
  5. Ship to:

MDQ Calibration Lab
Attn: Temptime Corp.
879 Maple Street
Contoocook, NH 03229-3319

Typical time required is 7 to 10 business days to calibrate recorders.