Safe-T-Vue 6

Infographic describes temperature cycle of blood products in transport

Nonreversible Temperature Indicators for Blood Products, Plasma and RBCs

  • For Refrigerator and Temporary Container Storage (Igloo®-type or larger)
  • RBCs, Whole Blood and Plasma
  • Indication Temperature 6°C
  • Assures Temperature Compliance and Improves Quality Assurance
  • Specifically Indicates Blood Product may be reissued when returned*
  • Promotes Requirements of Accountability during Transport

Assure Temperature Compliance and Safely Reissue Blood

Safe-T-Vue 6 on Blood BagsSafe-T-Vue® 6 is a temperature-sensitive indicator that easily adheres directly to blood bags during refrigeration and temporary storage. It is ideally suited for use by blood banks and transfusion services to maintain quality control in transport and storage of blood products.

Safe-T-Vue 6 changes color from white to red when the blood (or other temperature sensitive products) has reached or exceeded 6°C.

Because it is nonreversible, Safe-T-Vue will indicate that a higher temperature condition existed, even if the temperature returns to a lower level. As long as the indicator remains white, blood may be reissued.

Safe-T-Vue 6 Transition

*AABB Standards for Blood Banks and Transfusion Services, 21 CFR 640.4(h) and 21 CFR 640.2 (c).

Step by step instructions for applying Safe-T-Vue


  • Boxes of 50
  • Cases of 200 (4 boxes of 50 indicators each)


  • Each box stamped with lot number and expiration date.
  • All shipments contain QA documentation
  • Editable Validation protocols can be downloaded from Support.

Instructional Video