Pneumatic Tube Systems and Use of Safe-T-Vue® Temperature Indicators on Blood Bags

Also refer to: Use of Cold Packs during Dispensing of Blood

Using a cold pack and Safe-T-Vue Temperature Indicator in combination will help keep blood cold and assure temperature compliance during transport through a Pneumatic Tube System (PTS).

Suggested packaging of blood with cold pack for PTS transport:

  1. Complete dispensing procedure, then retrieve a cold pack for use in the PTS from blood refrigerator. Storing cold packs in the blood refrigerator helps assure they are the same temperature as the blood and makes it convenient to the blood location.
  2. For ease of inventory, consider choosing a cold pack size that may be used with either 1 or 2 bags of blood. The weight/size of the cold pack will be determined by the limit of the PTS. Refer to your PTS Operating Procedure Manual for specifics. For many PTS, a 12 oz. cold pack works.
  3. Following instructions for its use, place a Safe-T-Vue Indicator on blood bag, activate, and place cold pack against side of blood where Indicator is positioned.
  4. If two blood units are sent, place the cold pack between the units with Indicators on both bag facing the cold pack.
  5. Follow the packaging protocol requirements used at your hospital for PTS blood transport.
  6. Comment: When a block of O Negs is being sent, 1 cold pack for 3 units will usually suffice because they are usually transfused or returned promptly. If your PTS will launch with 2 cold packs and three O Negs, the additional cold pack is suggested. Make a ‘sandwich’ as follows: bag / coldpack / bag / coldpack / bag.

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